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Invoking The Pause (ITP) is an environmental small grants program designed to advance public awareness and engagement about climate change issues.  The hallmark of ITP is a creative ‘pause’ – a gift of time – to seed reflection in interdisciplinary and collaborative ways to spur innovation and impact.

We help enterprising people cultivate imaginative ideas to help sustain the health and vitality of our planet and steward the preservation of its ecological integrity.

We include but are not limited to artists, community activists, cultural creatives, educators, filmmakers, health professionals, journalists, locavores, photographers, scientists, social entrepreneurs, and writers.  


New approaches are urgently needed to address the realities of climate change.  To envision and build a better future will require not only innovation but also resilience in the face of escalating climatic conditions.  Nurturing this paradigm shift calls for efforts from large institutional leaders as well as small, nimble, risk-taking organizations – and individuals – that can spark new ideas and activate grass-root initiatives like ITP.


We know innovation often occurs in the margins – ideas percolate and permeate boundaries without regard to title, job description or industry – and that sometimes they need outside assistance – and time – to take root.


We believe that the more time focused on addressing the realities of climate change, the better.  ITP invests in efforts that build capacity, knowledge, and networks for emerging leaders, practitioners, and activists working to sustain our planet.


Our work seeks to drive the ‘how’ of the process more than the ‘what’ that gets generated.  We care about and want to see results, but appreciate the complexity inherent in the process of changing mindsets and nurturing collaborations.

To date, ITP has funded 50 projects.

Mailing address: 887 Sonoma Ave, #23, Santa Rosa, CA 95404

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Please consider making a donation to Invoking the Pause! You can make checks payable to ISI with “SolPods” included in the memo. 

​Mailing Address:
887 Sonoma Ave, #23
Santa Rosa, CA 95404


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October 5, 2019