The vision of The Grace Foundation – America is the realization of Terra Nova – a culture beyond fear, war and cruelty characterized by the recognition that all life is inter-connected and all life is sacred. A state we call love.


In response to the current global crisis The Grace Foundation – America raises funds and engages people with resources (money, knowledge, influence) to invest in a system change. We call for a sacred alliance of planetary change agents to take responsibility for the humane direction of human evolution now at this crucial time. We further the creation of Terra Nova by supporting a network of comprehensive cultural models which we call healing biotopes. These centers aim to be self-sufficient thus laying the base for an alternative economy, decentralized and free from the conventional mechanisms of interest, debt and exploitation. This alternative economy is key to humanizing money. We support the implementation of this network by funding education and knowledge-sharing.

We promote:

– Ecological and economic sustainability through regional self-sufficiency in water, food and energy

– Social sustainability through community-building based on truth, mutual support and responsible participation

– Spiritual sustainability through realizing human potential in co-operation with the Divine, in gratitude for the miracle of life.


It is our understanding that these criteria make a model efficient in itself and in generating a field for Terra Nova. We support projects which:

1) Work towards decentralized regional self-sufficiency in water, food and energy thus providing the complicity-free material base for a new culture.

2) Give equal attention to inner and outer peace work. It is seldom that a project fails due to external pressure alone. Egoic structures like struggles for power and attention, jealousy and envy need to be addressed and transformed for the healing of our culture of separation. This work must be held in balance with the needs of and the service to the larger whole.

3) Accept and address love and sexuality as aspects of the dominant culture which are in particular need of healing. This issues must be released from the domain of privacy and brought into public discourse for the healing and learning of all.

4) Support a spiritual practice which places the sacredness of life at its center.

5) Create an economy based on reciprocity, communal sharing and giving. One in which economy and ecology are restored to their right relationship – with economy serving ecology.


1) Practical Models – research into regional autonomy and regenerative practices in water, food and energy to be applied in model peace villages and humanitarian aid interventions.

2) Applied research in and teaching of the core values and capacities for a love-based culture.

3) Education and Training – sharing knowledge and skills for the creation of peace models through the Global Campus and Terra Nova School networks and for children, through free-schools.

Applicants should write to us explaining how their project satisfies our mission and funding criteria and should include a clear activity schedule and budget. For each grant we require a report on the project outcomes, insights and implications for the future.


The Foundation also has a small Scholarship Fund through which we sponsor training for individuals from crisis areas to study in Tamera, the Global Campus and the Terra Nova School. Grants can cover travel costs, food and accommodation and educational fees (or one of the above). The foundation is open to receive applications throughout the year. Application is by letter of intention; please write to .

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