Alchemy of Light stands for the Justice of humanity seeking basic rights to life, liberty and the dignity of living—consciously evolving and co-creating together ethical and sustainable social changes for a harmonious ecosystem with our Earth. Alchemy of Light supports global humanitarian endeavors to advance the core mission of these principles.

Our philosophy is based upon the foundation that respects all living species. We promote a venerated preservation of a holistic ecology of Earth as our macro living organism upon which all life flourishes.

The civil rights of Earth, of humanity, and of all living entities are recognized as one Unity. We are evolutionaries of consciousness and we abide by the divine laws of an ecological civilization. Our devotion is to a harmonious and balanced global society– existing in and learning from the dynamic environments of our planet Earth where fauna and flora coexist and thrive. Humans do not dominate nature but are rather in service to protect life in all its mystery, expressions and impulses.

Alchemy of Light is dedicated to support peoples and projects worldwide in need of humane and loving care, that resonate with our foundational respects and purposes for the greater whole. We are action in compassion and we envision a beautiful balance of Yin and Yang for humanity—a super-abundance for all in body-mind-spirit, beyond material pursuits.

We adhere to the profound Chinese wisdom of the Tao that follows the ebb and flow of Nature. We are Bringers of Dawn and synthesizers of East-West cultures that convey Light to the World. We advocate peace and compassion for a kinder and gentler humanity for generations to come.

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