Project Satori was originally founded in 2008 by internationally published author, speaker, and clinical psychologist, Dr. Indhushree Rajan. After nine years of research and working with victims of sex-trafficking in Los Angeles and India, Project Satori is now aiming to open a dedicated clinic in Los Angeles, The Satori Wellness Center, to make comprehensive, long-term and culturally sensitive mental health care accessible to victims of sex trafficking and their families.

The exploitation and physical and psychological violence suffered by victims of human trafficking often has a long-term and devastating effect on their mental health. This kind of extreme trauma can result in conditions such as severe depression and anxiety, PTSD, personality disorders and suicidality. This can have a destructive effect on victims’ relationships, their job, and housing prospects, and keeps them vulnerable to the on-going cycle of exploitation and violence.

At our clinic, therapists, experienced in working with victims of extreme trauma, will work with survivors to create tailored therapy programs – including individual counseling, group therapy, and art therapy – to help them find hope and healing and to begin reclaiming their lives, regardless of their ability to pay. The Satori Wellness Center will be a space where survivors can express themselves through therapy and art.

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