The Centaurus Foundation was founded in Poland in 2006 by Ewa Mastyk with the main purpose of saving animals, namely horses from conditions of abuse, neglect, and premature death. Their mission is to create the best conditions for them to heal, rehabilitate, socialize and get fit for adoption or live in harmony in the sanctuary.

The Centaurus Foundation is the owner of 3 powerful equestrian rehabilitation centers with a total area of ​​over 600 acres, and a leaseholder of 900 acres of the state reserve. Additionally, Centaurus runs mini-farms where it cares for hundreds of livestock, including assisting in rescuing almost 2000 dogs and cats from Ukraine in 2022.

The Centaurus Foundation hopes to build a new facility in Modlimowo, Poland. Over 320 acres of grass fields, the goal is to create a state-of-the-art rehabilitation and adoption center for neglected and displaced animals in Poland.

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