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CoFed’s Mission is to empower communities of students across North America to help them create food co-operatives. These financially sustainable campus hubs for food and social justice activism develop the leaders for a healthy tomorrow. CoFed uses a reproducible, cooperative development model to teach students about food co-operatives. CoFed helps students create a scalable network of independent student-run businesses, and create new leaders in the food sustainability movement. CoFed has a commitment to share skills, resources, and eventually, start-up capital.

CoFED is building a youth-led movement for food justice & co-ops! Since 2011 we have developed 11 new cooperative projects, trained over 500 students on over 60 campuses, and cultivated a community of nearly 4,000 supporters.


  • To train 200 new leaders in the food sustainability movement.
  • To create 35 new financially-viable, student-run coops in regional clusters in North America.
  • To give 1 million college students the choice to actively participate in their food system.

To accomplish these goals, CoFED will create:

  1. An evolving best-practices model
  2. A support network
  3. A peer-based training program


Guidelines for potential project teams include:

  • Create an ethical food system through community-based, fair, ecologically sound and humane food as defined by the Real Food Guidelines.
  • Ensure broad participation by creating systems to engage all youth, from consumers and career organizers in paths of long-term growth and leadership.
  • Exemplify the financial power of equitably and ethically pooled resources through operating cooperatively according to the ICA principles.
  • Implement action plans that sustain and grow themselves, with attention to inspirational, viral messaging.
  • Support collaboration by focusing on network driven strategies that utilize all resources and

You can make checks payable to ISI with the project name included in the memo & send checks to ISI.
Mailing address: 887 Sonoma Ave, #23, Santa Rosa, CA 95404

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Please consider making a donation to CoFED. You can donate online or make checks payable to ISI with “CoFED” included in the memo.

Mailing Address:
887 Sonoma Ave, #23
Santa Rosa, CA 95404


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September 30, 2019