Ecological Workforce Initiative

Three people in safety vests working in field.

The Ecological Workforce Initiative is creating a recognized and respected Ecological Workforce – the folks on the ground who directly interface with our natural resources.  Ecological restoration projects need laborers and equipment operators with unique knowledge to work appropriately in sensitive habitats and within the scope of environmental permits, yet these workers are currently seen as interchangeable with the workers who build our freeways and other large civil construction projects. Without properly trained crews, activities intended to restore or enhance our environment can instead result in habitat degradation, species mortality, and destruction of cultural artifacts.

Members of the Ecological Workforce are critical to the success of restoration projects, and our Training Program –  10 hours of in-classroom education applied during 8 weeks of worksite experience – educates ecological workers about the purposes of restoration, the conditions within which they work, the types of permits that may be encountered, and the reasons why the permitting restrictions must be adhered to.

The Ecological Workforce Initiative is bringing together public and private industry partners; education, training, and workforce development experts; regulatory agencies, policymakers, and other stakeholders to create meaningful career pathways to lifetime, living wage careers without the need for higher education or high-level English language proficiency.

Please visit our website, , where you can watch a 4-minute video that gives a good overview of the Initiative as well as read more information on our program.

Mailing address: 887 Sonoma Ave, #23, Santa Rosa, CA 95404

Ecological Workforce Initiative

Please consider making a donation to Ecological Workforce Initiative! You can donate online or make checks payable to ISI with “Ecological Workforce Initiative” included in the memo.
Mailing Address:
887 Sonoma Ave, #23
Santa Rosa, CA 95404


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October 31, 2021