Our mission is to raise awareness about Damanhur’s Temples of Humankind and support its ongoing maintenance and further development.


Damanhur is well known for its beautiful underground Temples of Humankind, a modern cathedral carved by hand in the heart of a mountain. In these sacred spaces, art and science, technology and spirituality unite in support of humanity’s evolution. Every year thousands of people come to Damanhur to be inspired. Located in the Alpine foothills of Piedmont, Italy, Damanhur is a spiritual vision which has given life to a society focused on the pursuit of consciousness through shared life, art and spirituality. Damanhur is a Federation of spiritual communities with a Constitution, schools, organic farms and a holistic healing center.

Help us keep the Temples functioning, especially at a time in which we cannot have any visitors come, and no possibility to receive income to maintain them. Become a Patron of one of the most powerful Spiritual beacons of our times.

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