In celebration of Earth Day, we offer this video on the life and legacy of Dr. Loren Cole, ISI’s founder. In 1970, Loren was a co-coordinator of UC Berkeley’s Earth Day program.

“Earth Day showed that environmental issues mattered to Americans from all sorts of backgrounds and political views. That revelation caught the attention of political, business and community leaders. It caused people to start taking notice,” Loren said.



Film by Re/Culture Media

In addition to founding Inquiring Systems, Loren was an award-winning keynote speaker, and author of numerous articles and papers. Among his many accomplishments, his favorite includes the creation and development of the first systemic & interdisciplinary Environmental Undergraduate and Doctoral Program in the College of Natural Resources – UC Berkeley.

On the CNR website, you can check out his doctoral dissertation “Implementation Aspects of an Ecosystems Approach, The Conservation of Natural Resources [CNR] Program, University of California, Berkeley: 1969-1972” (© 1975) –>