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Integrative Healers Action Network (IHAN) was established in October 2017 during the Tubbs Fire in Sonoma County, which at the time was the most destructive wildfire in California history. We work tirelessly to fulfill our mission of providing acute and long-term care to communities impacted by emergency situations by providing integrative healing modalities through systems that bridge medicines and emergency response organizations.

During emergency response situations, individuals and communities are in an acute stage of crisis and trauma. The efforts of IHAN aim to provide backbone support to safely and effectively coordinate and deploy licensed and certified practitioners of complementary and alternative (CAM) modalities to provide acute and long-term care to communities impacted by emergency situations. To accomplish this, we establish a network of verified practitioners who are qualified to volunteer during emergency response situations. We create bridges between organizations responsible for community outreach and emergency response, as well as establish systems to support integrative healing systems in the community for the longer-term recovery phase. To support these efforts, we provide applicable training to prepare practitioners and provide oversight of CAM clinics within shelters and other emergency locations. Additionally, we focus on ensuring outreach and service to traditionally underserved members of the community.

The need for IHAN to provide integrative healing services to help abate trauma and build stronger resiliency within communities experiencing emergency situations is great. Climate change is causing more frequent and severe natural disasters to communities around the globe. The correlation between the increased severity of natural disasters due to climate change and physical, emotional, and mental health is clear.

Mailing address: 887 Sonoma Ave, #23, Santa Rosa, CA 95404


Please consider making a donation to Integrative Healers Action Network! You can donate online or make checks payable to ISI with “IHAN” included in the memo. 

​Mailing Address:
887 Sonoma Ave, #23
Santa Rosa, CA 95404


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October 5, 2019