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Our Mission

The mission of One Earth Sangha is to support humanity in a transformative response to ecological crises based on the insights and practices of the Buddhist tradition. Through our Virtual EcoDharma Center, we are here to inspire, inform, and guide our members in actions that will end ecological violence.

We assert that engagement is, on the one hand, essential to the spiritual path and, on the other hand, more effective and sustainable when grounded in transformative insight and authentic compassion.

Wisdom, Community, and Action

Our approach rests on a foundation of wisdom teachings and practices from the Buddhist tradition. We then support the development of communities that can gather and experience our offerings, providing mutual support and sharing their own wisdom. Arising from wisdom and embodied by community, we encourage diverse forms of engagement.

A Place to Practice

What does it mean to live in accordance with Buddhist principles in the context of global climate change? What would our lives look like if we were to respond to the environmental crisis as an expression of our Buddhist path? How can Buddhism, with its understanding of greed, hatred and delusion, as well as its deep exploration of our connectedness and inter-being, contribute to a conversation about broad-scale transformation? How do we actualize our aspirations, even the EcoSattva Vows, and help ourselves and others fully awaken to the truth of a warming world?

One Earth Sangha offers a place to live our way into the answers to these and other questions. We feel privileged and honored to hold this space, and we invite you to join us on the path of engaged practice.

Mailing address: 887 Sonoma Ave, #23, Santa Rosa, CA 95404

Please consider making a donation to One Earth Sangha! You can donate online or make checks payable to ISI with “One Earth Sangha” included in the memo. 

Mailing Address:
887 Sonoma Ave, #23
Santa Rosa, CA 95404


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July 29, 2021

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