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Title IX has greatly increased opportunities in education for girls and women. But 51 years in, most colleges and universities are not providing equitable opportunities or support for female student-athletes.

In 2021, women made up close to 56% of all college and university students but received fewer than 43% of spots on teams. As a result, women missed out on over 200,000 spots on teams they would have had if proportional opportunities were provided. Also, female athletes received $400 million less in athletic scholarship aid than male athletes in 2021.

Among the main reasons for the ongoing discrimination are a lack of understanding about Title IX and a lack of visibility into how schools are doing. Accelerate Equity aims to change that by providing an engaging, easy-to-understand look at how post-secondary schools are doing in providing gender equity in athletics. Once the data is accessible, it will support new approaches to achieving equity and be a powerful tool for all ongoing education and advocacy efforts. It will provide a basis to celebrate success, encourage improvement, expand awareness, and bring about change.

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April 22, 2023