Generational wealth plays a vital role in engaging long-term structural challenges and opportunities few other actors can anticipate and address. Unique to family offices is the responsibility to evaluate risk over an extended timeline, so as to manage wealth across generations. 

At a moment when it is possible to identify clear signs that our existing infrastructure and ways of life are at risk of undergoing significant and unprecedented changes, Intergen. Family bridges a crucial gap in succession planning by supporting families to align legacy with flourishing futures. It does so by informing and resourcing the long-term goals of family office stakeholders while providing short and medium-term activities that empower the rising generation (Rising-Gens) to engage in initiatives that take multiple generations to realize.

Intergen’s core competence is facilitating leading-edge learning and action, centered in human development and flourishing that honors freedom of choice and individual purpose.

Please consider making a donation to Intergen! You can donate online or make checks payable to ISI with “Intergen” included in the memo. 

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Posted on

February 22, 2024